Frosted Outlines

French Impression #1

This December, I had the privilege of traveling to France for a graphic design job. I now work for Camac one of the top harpmakers in the world, and I am honored to do so. My first stop was to the quaint town of Mouzeil, near Nantes, to photograph the harp factory for use in future advertising.

Each morning the president of the company and I took our half hour drive to the factory, and usually engaged in conversations if not about the company, or the town, then on topics revolving around the differences between the French and Americans, the metric system, road signs, . . . etc.

It was very cool in the mornings, and all foliage was covered in a unique frost that seemed to push everything into a pastel / white shade. It was rather mesmerizing to me. On the first day to the factory, I stepped out of the car and saw that even the leaves had outlines of frost on them. It was truly beautiful so, of course, I took a picture.

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