Winter's Grip

Last week, we had a few inches of snow, then we had rain, a little hail, then the temperatures dropped and we had ice on top of our snow. It was quite an experience for this Florida girl.

On the most difficult day for travel, I saw the most beautiful sites, and couldn't help but take a short and cautious walk in the ice covered outdoors to capture these images.

Ice covered and encased every branch.

Each branch seemed to be made of glass as the sun reflected off the surface of the ice that coated every inch of all the trees. Notice the tiny berries and bumps on the branches. We had an unusually warm spell after winter had begun, causing some of the bushes and trees to begin sprouting again. Daffodil and tulip shoots are still halfway out of the ground, now covered with snow. Bunnies were out of hibernation for a few weeks. A premature spring has been put on pause for this bit of winter chill.

An echo of the previous season is preserved by the present season.

The wind was blowing a great deal that day, and the stiff branches moving caused the ice to crack constantly. It was a sound I've never before experienced. There were ice chunks in everyone's yard - like little diamonds in the sun. It was stimulating and inspiring to observe winter's grip on the trees in my neighborhood.


d. chedwick bryant said...

we didn't get an ice storm yet this winter, I think that they are so beautiful. I once experienced a brooklyn ny ice storm that left crystals dangling from ormate ironwork and fairylike formations & icicles .

Rebecca Finch said...

Wow, that sounds so beautiful. I am still trying to learn all of the terms for what can occur in the winter. Freezing rain, hail, sleet, . .etc. It's all so new to me.